Background Hymn

I believe
We reach some place
Where divinity
Feels inherent
To what rhythm
Carries sunlight
Within nature
Caught as beats

Seeking tunes
Beyond our means
Of expressions
Rarely mustered
Waiting lifetimes
For this reason
Best relayed
Through heaven’s song

As it captures
Fleeting drums
Playing always
To such deafness
Which is noise
Instead of hearing
Pleasant sound
That’s never clear

Lost inside
Our deepest cries
Amid static
Gaining focus
While we suffer
Ringing eardrums
At the cost
Of music missed

When all racket
Is one curse
Making discord
Daily penance
For these sins
Forgetting ballads
Linger softly
Upon air

Between moments
Standing still
Among babble
Hiding secrets
While each melody
Proves existence
Is harmonious
In itself

Roaring anthems
Breaking fears
By distractions
So miraculous
These old carols
Stirring passions
Swear new lyrics
Since their birth

After heeding
Perfect chants
Of God’s vocals
Bearing witness
With His gifts
Engaging worship
Like purest faith.

– J. Pigno

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