Makes Me Sick

There are no
Heroes in death
Or war
Which eliminates

But the cruel
And breathless reminder
How our world
Has had
Its fill –

Still tired
We credit belief
In men
Who apparently

What Earth
Had initially
Before this cough
Made sense,

Now finally
Leaving us sick
Without even
Asking that

“If human lives
Were so sacred
Than why
Would they sully

Only fools
Should grieve,
Passing these days
Without reason,

Losing business
Fearfully wishing
Their ills
Were tomorrow’s
Cure –

Finding failure
Means more work
Behind eyes
Though weary

Under systems
Heavy with burdens
All alone
Weighted down
On sin.

Since hope
Is appearing safe,
Selling masks
Where faith
Doesn’t matter

If assuming
God had intended
Was appropriate

– J. Pigno


      1. Your welcome dear 🙂 hope you and your family are as well. And yes horrible era with peoples twisted moral values or lack there of. And of course our joke of a president. But we will get through.

        Liked by 1 person

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