Anxious Vigil

I’m no safer
In my dreams
Than on tired days
Which follow
Such long
And anxious vigils
Praying God
Might help me

While car horns
Blare outside
Just beyond
These open windows
Finding mornings
Without ending
Feeling fresh air
Touch this

Learning sunlight
Proves no threat
To what sadness
Keeps us present
Despite begging
Every moment
For just one more
At rest

Even if
That nervous wish
Means attempting
Braving demons
Whose existence
Echoes anger
Upon whispers
When still

Mocking eyelids
Hanging low
Tempting fear
With staunch expressions
From old times
Best not remembered
Flashing failures
Long passed

Gripping pillows
Like restraints
Knowing peace
Is unbecoming
Of those minds
Still screaming loudest
During slumber
Each night.

– J. Pigno

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