Manufactured Heroes

Where does
The manual state
How being paid
For help
Is courageous?

Such bad advice
Has potential
At exalting
Who are dolls –

Defective toys
Become gallant
By virtue of gifts
They can

Through instructions
Pushed as agendas
To approve
Their marketed

No glue
Can repair our cracks
Than lies
Sell plastic

While parading
Treacherous glories
Behind masks
Whose figures

At a point
All models break
Thinking parts
Get swapped
With reason

Learning figures
Considered better
Claim dibs
On remaining

Last time I checked
We were flesh
Not pressed
In factories

Like effigies
Far from humble
Telling kids
Some dreams
Mean less,

If success
Expresses truth
Which expose
False idols

Owning roles
That question heroes
Whose feat
Was collecting

– J. Pigno

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