Had Enough

The hours
Stare me down
Eyeing hands
Forever counting

While such little time
Grows stagnant
Getting lost
Between each tick

Like these moments
Looking back
Swallowed whole
Within those seconds

As cheap pauses
Measuring wishes
Go to waste
While sleeping still –

Finding fears
In naked dreams,
Greeting nightmares
Once complacent,

Waking up now
Far too early
As I anticipate
Morning’s glare

For another chance
Chasing death
While God’s medicine
Keeps things balanced

Swallowing tablets
Made from daylight
Though they fade
Before dusk comes.

All have gained
This spiritual weight
Carrying weakness
On our stomachs,

Holding souls
Against their natures
Seeking freedoms
Goodness craves –

Tethered close
Without much room
Lacking space
Expression covets

Knowing greed
Or human hunger
Will devour
Empty roles,

Since most jobs
Abandon hope
Using skills
Employing pressure

So tomorrow’s fate
Inches closer
Than we think.

Yes it’s true
Most had enough
Trying hard
Remaining silent,

But instead
Through repetition
Going crazy
Seems preferred.

  • J. Pigno

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