Why do I keep
Wearing crosses
When religion
Has abandoned phrases
If poems speak
Soulless verses
Wishing my pen
Still believed?

No one can hear me.

Jesus Christ,
These reasons for dying

Still appear
Along pages scrolling
So the world can read
As it texts,

Lacking notice
Or feelings considered

Through fear
Their fingers have motioned

By virtue of faith
Ever missing
Ignoring truth
With each click.

Perhaps, we all should
Sport cellphones

Rather than symbols
Most sacred
Around those necks
Leaning forward,

Praying answers
Await us online.

This media
Is an infinite hole
Where hopeless words
Remain floating
Between portals
Recycling torment
Through pictures
And videos lost –

Every daydream
Gaining exposure,

Catching demons
Tempting attentions,

Where agony shown
Becomes content
Our depression thinks
Deserves more.

People never ask,

“How can he write
If better words
Always will linger,
Despite trying
While clutching at idols
Who prefer other charms
Over yours?”

  • J. Pigno

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