We are truly
Luckier than most
To maintain these
Simple moments
And preserve
What innocence dwindles
On the winds
Our mouths should make –

Now carried
Through lips which kiss
Just feeling
Those memories linger
Where light will dance
Around each sphere
Faith blows,

As colorful orbs
Grow big
While pushing breath
Too precious
For anything
Besides such silliness
That dictates love
Between souls –

Becoming whole
Despite age
Finding childhood
Waiting in secret
Seeing spouses
Appear as children
So neighbors can watch.

How they play
Ignoring their state
Learning fantasy
Conquers all reason
By imbuing life
With adventure
Or easy joys
Getting popped

Over driveways
Under hot sun
Hearing God
Beneath every whisper
Utter miracles
Spoken by laughter
Trading smiles
Honestly grinned.

Such priceless days
Leave us fast
Knowing soon
Tomorrow expires
Before freedom
Fades from existence
Working weekends
Entirely booked –

Tell me happiness
Isn’t worth death
When eternity
Echoes this pleasure
Awaiting contentment
Until bubbles burst

  • J. Pigno

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