Material Things

I’m tired
Of material things
That are expressions
Of spiritual boredom
Becoming my source
Of sole comfort
After seeing this world
Fall apart-

Buying clothes
Like I’ve somewhere to go,

Or visiting friends
Like I used to,

All married with kids
Planning futures
More expensive
Than buttons I click

To consume those goods
As distractions

[To ignore long days
Without poems]

And convince myself
Buying t-shirts
Can redeem
This failure to write.

Yet everything
Dirtied by stains
From eating foods
That I shouldn’t
Reminds me joy
Is elusive
Even if such faith
Remains bought –

Praying objects
Sitting in space
Watching persons waste
Precious daydreams
Can provide some cause
For existing
Outside this flesh
Gaining weight.

These pounds
Are an obvious symbol
Of burdens earned
Chasing feelings
So transient
Nothing can capture
Such fleeting glee
When unwrapped.

I’m pursuing debts
Which condemn me
Before my God
Who is failing
At keeping life
Worth existing
As basic things
Fade away –

Our holidays
Grilling outside,

Each vacation
Feasting with family,

Every privilege
Squandered by judgment
Through a virus
Humans ignored.

We deserve
All seasons alone.

I’ll purchase time
By seclusion.

Take tomorrow and cough
Till your breathless.

Why does money
Make heaven exist?

  • J. Pigno

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