Still Dreaming

My legacy
Isn’t these words
But the hope within
Still dreaming
Which reveals
That child dwelling
Deep inside this soul
Who dares

To speak what truths
Men lack
Even if their jobs
Hold meaning
Or successes claimed
From money
Find fulfillment
Seeming less

Than those answers
Earned through fame
Since achieving goals
More urgent
Where our basic needs
Prove futile
Learning every heart
Needs care

While engaging
Fated paths
Between dotted lines
We scribble
Along journeys lost
When growing
Over pages drawn
By hate

Tracing borders
Nearing death
Knowing boredom kills
All passion
If believing age
Our wisdom
Despite seeing youth
Build strength

Outside endless days
With fear
Besides learning joy
Is freedom
Finding God Himself
Beyond labor waged
For naught

Where intentions
Make us whole
But commitment
Murders pleasure
Wasting precious time
Chasing failures
Deemed mature

Feeling right
Yet oddly sad
Missing precious scenes
In color
Trading innocence
Getting old
Like shades of gray.

  • J. Pigno

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