Learning Beyond Chaos

They’ll only
Think of the children
When it suits those needs
More pressing –

Banking profits
Turned from exposure
To a lethal germ
Called school.

Isn’t their goal
But imposing guilt
Through standards
And broken homes
Made possible
By suggesting work
Brings success,

Since returning now
Appears “safe”
Despite this plague
Running rampant
Crossing anyone
Daring such vengeance
While ignoring facts
Which scream

Over every mouth
Trading views
Hearing leaders’ laws
In denial
Letting imminent threats
Approach youngsters
Whose single choice
Must comply

Where politics
Failing both ways
Face angry mobs
Claiming virtues
All absent morals
Still clearly defined
Seeking cash –

Lacking masks
Yet pushing beliefs
Missing measured truths
Speaking volumes
About dangerous lies
Purely ignorant
Swearing normalcy
Always returns.

Our teachers are caught
Between devils
Telling them hell
Seems appropriate –

Fearing for jobs
Getting harder,

Losing faith
Better efforts can work.

Even innocents
Remain expendable
If potential growth
Never mattered.

Kids hate class
With good reason
Because systems failed
Long ago.

  • J. Pigno

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