Get Ugly

Here’s how things
Get ugly –

When the nightmares
Bleed into daylight 

And these feelings
Crawl like spiders 
Under skin so dry
It cracks, 

Where inadequate dreams
Can’t relate
To a world outside
Drawn curtains

While watching life
Pass slowly
Across screens that mock
This fate. 

There are scissors
Sitting near drawers 
Still pushing hands 
Losing reasons 
For removing hair
Going missing
With blindfolds
Over both eyes,

As I excuse this fear 
Buying games
Hoping sometime soon
They’ll relieve me 
Since playing now 
Doesn’t offer
Another way home  
Through escape. 

Only prayer 
Can merely provide 
Constant solace 
Sought through devotion,

Once relieving dread
Building slowly
During months we wait 
Spent alone, 

But becoming weak 
Facing truth
That tomorrow’s spark  
Remains dwindled 
Facing raging storms
Pouring water
Upon fires stoked
By our faith. 

Such brutal ends
Appear soft,

Gentle rains 
Before every deluge,

Hitting tempered glass
Along panels
Which protect us 
Behind thick walls –

Whether sleep
Or ignorant joys
Distracting minds
From obsession,

Each pleasure 
Is terror reminding 
A waking end
Has begun.

  • J. Pigno

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