My eyes
Can barely see light
In the thick
Of this early morning
Where grayness sits
As an omen
Since uncertainty
Always comes,

Having ignorance
Follow suit
On that brink
While misery beckons
All our favorite fears
With daylight
When depression burns
Like sun –

Much too harsh
For hiding pain
Parting clouds
Unveiling chaos
Casting shadows
From every failure
Some avoid
By hiding away.

I keep committing
Fate’s cardinal sin
Hardly knowing
What threat is coming
Whether losing life
Spent waiting
Or avoiding sleep
At all,

Watching nightfall
Soon approach
After hours
We wasted working
Towards another dawn
More dangerous
Than each one
Which came before –

Left ambiguous
Through hope’s design
Despite God’s promise
Sharing details
Beyond death’s presence
Letting symbols talk

Across palettes
Streaking paints
Seeing tired skies
Grow golden
Yielding vivid dusks
So brilliant
Even radiance
Seems less sure

How tomorrow
Could even exist
Facing constant risks
Still hurting
Those who dare
Defiant waking
Fighting back
Though feeling drab.

  • J. Pigno

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