I adore that
Which has no filter
Like a midnight kiss
Between spouses
Whose collective needs
Become reasons
Why God exists
Through their touch,

This semblance
Of heaven made flesh
Across those sheets
Feeling sacred
As sweat drips life
Shedding meaning
In an intimate pose
After dark –

One moment
Where worries can fade
Like background noise
Beyond windows
Trading gentle stares
Under moonlight
Growing tired
From days not shared

When existence
Precedes such joy
Holding time itself
For faith’s ransom
Merely earning pain
By tomorrow
While believing love
Always waits

To endure our fears
Getting deeper
Beneath thick lies
Morning sells us
Finding empty truths
Killing pleasure
Only sacred vows
Ever know,

Lacking pretense
But genuine joy
Despite money
And Earth’s expectation
Demanding work
Become special
Over ecstasy
Artists must write

Building narratives
Written with tears
Seeing crying eyes
Before sleeping
Yielding poems
Divinely inspired
Embracing fates

One story
Across two hearts
Is truth itself
Getting naked
Upon what bed
Defeats fiction
Casting roles
Against purposeless tales.

  • J. Pigno

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