My damages
Go too deep
Like a fracture
Below the gum line
When mouths appear
Straight as an arrow
But beneath them
Is shattering bone

Where my jaw sits
Crooked like sin
From fighting fears
Against failing
Taking punches
Meant for disasters
Whose every breath
Remains hard

As existence
Forces this clench
Between both halves
Always gritting
While row meets edge
Grinding further
What suffering teeth
Still exist –

Those molars
Throbbing with pain
And pent up rage
Feeling tender
Over sleepless nights
Chewing fragments
Left neglected
Since breaking apart.

Each piece
Keeps driving me mad
Reminding spit
How aggression
Will eat us alive
If we let it
Though such anger
Persists undefined

Inside raw lips
Hiding speech
Now staying shut
Being spiteful
Knowing holding words
Ignites fires
To gnaw at souls
Grating stone –

Frail enamel
Burning up dust
Making ashes spark
Tiny cinders
Amid weakened fangs
Chomping harshly
Across surfaces
Getting more dull,

That tongue
Tasting coming demise
Or surgeries
Barely successful
Nibbling nasty shards
Shaping relics
Only smiles
Could easily show.

  • J. Pigno

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