True Poets

We’re a frantic bunch
Whose worries
Become what words
Escape us
Over desperate thoughts
Which carry
Into days spent
Rambling on

About every fear
That lasts
Beyond bitten tongues
Left begging
For a chance to scream
And shout their dreams
At stones,

Never hearing
Our common voice
When selecting terms
Conveying such
Focused phrases
With intentions made

By embittered lines
Hoping weary souls
Still smolder
Under ashes held
While believing art
Builds smoke

Before burning bright
Out loud
Since explosions sound
Among embers snuffed
Through silence
Lost faith has since
Imposed –

Taking jobs
No person wants
Though some believe
Yield meaning
Despite real life
Between these roles
Most play

Where bliss includes
Each laugh
Tearing dollar bills
Now worthless
From agreeing love
Should forfeit
All attachments held
Towards grief,

Finding pain
Ensures true verse
If accepting God
Is leisure
Letting pleasure spell
Of catharsis sought
As one.

  • J. Pigno

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