Nothing Beautiful

Real mirrors
Show many reflections
From lies which change
Our appearance
Through perceptions
Growing unsettled
By things we see
Looking back

And staring still
Getting numb
To ignore each flaw
Seeming bigger
When mornings drag
After nightmares
Less disturbing
Than what they’ve become –

These tortured days
Peeling faces
Like faithless husks
Feeling skinless
Through repeated tasks
Seeking purpose
But eroding hope
Where it cracks

Since desire means
Biding time
When failing hard
Despite working
Just watching flesh
Slowly wrinkle
Seeking money
While missing success

That exceeds relief
Fleeting fast
Yet explaining fate
Before losing
Such precious youth
If prolonging hurt
Before death.

Tomorrow’s curse
Remains shadows
Hanging empty shapes
Upon spaces
Projected now
Across hallways
Housing figures sad
Light exists,

For silhouettes
Capture those lines
In darkness formed
Hiding damage
Concealing breaks
Always telling
How age has cursed
Every soul –

Drawing fear
Using permanent ink
Smearing paint
No makeup can cover
Watching tiny holes
Erode smiles
Sin’s ugly mark
Leaves behind.

  • J. Pigno

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