The Ranger (Tommy)

You were always there
After school,

Like a home
Never taken for granted,

Without bullies
But TV heroes
Where childhood woes
Found escape

And hopeful dreams
Fighting back
When victory proved
Even simpler
Than enjoying shows
Teaching lessons
So strength is found
Looking deep

Inside such souls
Crying out
Despite how life
Keeps its villains
Hidden by grins
Pushing forward
While needing relief
Never asked.

Sometimes hurt
Seems to win,

And that’s scary enough
Being famous,

Cheering aloud
Forcing courage
Just watching those fans
Smile back –

Feeling forcibly lost
Among stars,

Facing blackest space
Getting darker,

Obscuring their glow
All around you
If focused on pain
Building up.

Tough men
Break apart too
As our champions
Stoically bearing
Weights unseen
Behind cameras
Success will hide
Before long.

My tears
Are about what’s passed,

True glory
Only hindsight offers
Knowing previous tales
Grow immortal
Since legends explode
Upon death –

Glorious light
Across skies
Innumerable kids
Can now stare at,

Healed through sun
Heaven powers

White yet green
Blazing bright.

  • J. Pigno

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