Sudden Chill

I know why
The cold winds howl
And why we’ve no choice
But surrender
As agony takes
Every moment
From relishing warmth
So unfair

By weakening pits
Barely sparked
Seeking embers lost
During winter
As dwindling tongues
Suffer blizzards
While iciest twigs
Kindle none –

Those frozen homes
Needing flames
Finding empty means
Where surviving
Outside their doors
Having heart attacks
Shoveling snow
For dear life.

We’re perpetually
Caught in this hole
That begs more blood
Being wounded
When prayers won’t work
Asking idols
If frigid blades
Cut us best,

Such dangling knives
Above high dreams
Getting sharper
Until that wish
Becomes dangerous
Killing through hope
With each sun.

How beautiful flakes
Hide despair
Uniquely shaped
Though intending
On murderous storms
Bringing sickness
Appearing quite soft
Still at first.

  • J. Pigno

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