Terrible Punches

I keep each piece
Near this bedside –

The jewelry you gave
Every birthday,

To remind me how
Some things are sacred
Even when
Bad blood exists.

Perhaps our rage
Isn’t hatred
But similar fates
Facing distance
Drawn by days
Feeling stifled
That manhood compels
Even more.

Fathers like sons
Are obsessed
With finding their means
For existing
As kindred souls
God entrusted
Forced to be strong
Despite pain.

Do you see me now
Grown despite doubts,

Or autonomous
Despite such dependence –

Married and whole
Wishing children
Were a possible dream
Of my own?

Dad please know
I’m not wrong
Getting mad at life
Always hurting,

Crazy from stress
Stealing meaning
Before illness had killed
What is left.

Fear throws
Terrible punches
In hasty bouts
Between family,

Believing all
Differences matter

When instead
Love’s bond only breaks.

  • J. Pigno

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