Gamer’s Prayer

“One’s never been
Truly themselves
Until put behind
A controller.”

These words I’ve learned
Are my birthright
Without explanation
Or choice,

Much how this poetry
And art like faith
Means believing
An invisible path
Where we stumble
Along tangible sins
Best ignored –

While hearts remain
Seeking that screen,

The vision where hope
Is created

Once defined
By variables written
Pursued in skill
Building trust

Over countless days
Spent at home
Chasing aimless dreams
Merely finite,

Always finding life
Behind coding
Not big on choice
But explained.

For between each save
Death remains,

Yet beyond
Exists second chances,

Loading challenged states
Simply blissful
Before powering down
Every night.

God bless those souls
Playing still,

Long after youth
Grew indecent

Where weary eyes
Witnessed heaven
Only future minds
Could perceive –

Their cartridge
Beckoning fate
From earliest years
Soon remembered
As innocent times
So inspired
No jaded adult
Could enjoy

What quivering hands
Might exceed
Through destiny
Testing such limits,

Imagining worlds
Purely virtual,

Letting childhood
Forever endure.

  • J. Pigno

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