This town might become
My lost chapter
As that poem I just
Couldn’t write
Before finding our peace
Chasing sunsets
Behind mountains we’d pass
Driving home,

Merely trailing those skies
Warmly glowing
Where its canvas of light
Paints an opus
So the dusk itself
Offers meaning
If imagining hope
Had a face

After days spent now
Always waiting
Or pacing these floors
Needing answers
Within hospitals soon
Feeling empty
And acknowledging words
Lost their place –

Since death draws sticks
Over decades
Like God plays games
Taking measure
For another year blown
Blindly laughing
Still knowing full well
It can’t last

When reality brings
Certain darkness
Over county roads
Growing smaller
On paths towards fate
Seeming crowded
Seeing everyone sick
All at once.

Those Garden State dreams
Remain lonely
But tomorrow’s escape
Keeps your promise
How each evening fades
Into solace
Leaving Morristown far
Yet again.

  • J. Pigno

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