The Haircut

I’ve never been shown
Truer kindness
In a moment
So expectedly distant

With me sitting there
Growing panicked
When his hand reach down
Towards my back –

As if knowing
This pulse must’ve skipped,

Seeing sweat run down
Off these cheekbones

And watching both hands
Softly shaking
While telling him still
Its okay.

There was silence
Before he did ask me
How praying out loud
Might prove better
Than sitting there
Holding back panic
Or fighting this day
Gone awry.

From watching
You never would notice
How his burly arms
Fully covered
By tattoos he’d gained
Fighting battles
Obscured that soul
Facing God –

For me
At one vulnerable minute,

Allowing such fear
To run rampant,

Where the shock
Of assuming more judgments
Offered closeness
Now rarely perceived.

All I wanted
Was a haircut made easy,

Feeling scared
My heart would just flutter,

Soon embarrassed
But proving some gestures
Showing gentleness
Inspire instead.

  • J. Pigno

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